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ATV Fishing Trip

In past weekend, two of my friends Travis, Richard and myself had a 2-day fishing trip, exept first 10 mile gravel road, all other setion,approximately 30 miles was accompanied by big rockes, soft muds,swamps and rivers with rapid costed us around 6 hours to the camping site … Continue reading

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Air Force,

    Today, few hours ouside but not lucky enough get good pictures. the swans and other waterfowls played hide-find games with me, i only got some when they flown over.Just like Air Force Jets.      

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love triangle story in lake

  As i knew there were some beutiful King Eiders around the town,  as they were so sensitive to strangers, so i lost the opportunities to get their pictures even though i brought my 400 mm lens with me,  so this time … Continue reading

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The Earliest Flower in Arctic

It was cloudy and i was so depressed, i thought a ride might light my up. so i started my ATV and run around 20 miles away from the town along a snow/water swamped  gravel road. After arrived a small laydown area … Continue reading

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转眼已是六月中旬。   进入极昼已经一个多月了,地上的积雪从零星融化到现在也有月余。但期间边化边下,昨夜又是风雪交加,不知何时才是尽头。   自从进入六月,老天鲜有开颜之时,灰头土脸的时候居多。候鸟已纷纷南来,开始在冰水之间嬉戏。出城踏雪只闻鸟语,不见花香,更无花影,脱去雪衣的苔原上只有死寂的棕色。   已到极地15个月,连极夜时都没有任何不适感觉的我,此时第一次感到了压抑烦躁。

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late spring birds in Arctic

  In past weekend the tempeture finaly rose up to obove zero. with open water gradually emergesing in some small ponds, more species are coming from down south and starting their annual holiday and nesting in the far north. 1.Arctic Tundra in … Continue reading

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following geese shots

some picutures about Brant goose, The Brant Goose is similar to the Canada Goose but is smaller with a shorter neck and is darker, the most distinct characteristics is they lack the white cheek patches.  untill shot within a relatively … Continue reading

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