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Arctic Foxes and Seals

Yesterday i had a adventure to the southmost tip of the peninsula pinting into Coronaiton Gulf to look for Arctic Fox, as my friend sent me the photos he took from there a few days ago. during my trip. In … Continue reading

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Loss and Gain

It was supposed to be a trip to look for Sandhill Crane, as i am not satisfied to those photos and hope i could get a chance to get better ones.However, a half days drive turned out resultless. but i got some i didn’t expected when i headed out, a large … Continue reading

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Grizzly Bear Coming to Town

Yesterday a big Grizlly Bear was sighted in vicinity of the city in the late morning, and public warning notices were posted everywhere, but it was driven away from town by wildlife officer upon got report.  It is said there was … Continue reading

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coexistance of sea ice,snow and flowers in summer

It has been in summer season for a while, however the solid sea ice just starts breaking up into various icebergs and being drifted to seashores of Arctic Ocean.  On tundra, flowers trurn into booming, but the snow a few meters … Continue reading

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A fruitful day

Yesteday, three friends (Ryan, Sophia and myself ) had a long day trip, around 110 km.  Unlike last weekend, this time i found the biggest bird  in Arctic: Sandhill Cran. Another unexpected gain was Black-throat Loon (Arctic Loon ), which breeds in Eurasia … Continue reading

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IQ Day

On this past Monday(July 14th), whole staff members of NIRB went out off west arm of city, approximately 10 km to celebrate Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) Day, as IQ is esential part of Inuit heritage and still has it’s great value for Enviorment Assessment … Continue reading

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Starvation Cove Trip

In past Sunday, i had a whole day (12 hrs ) trip with all neccessary gears, riffle for possible attack from grizzly, fishing rod and camera of course.  unfurtunately i did not seen grizzly or caribou, a few arctic hares have changed … Continue reading

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Nunavut Day

自从1993年因纽特人与加拿大联邦政府达到土地协议(Nunavut Land Claim Agreement),今天是纽特人及极地居民庆祝的第15个Nunavut Day了。 但实际上Nunavut Territory 从原来的西北区NWT分离出来,成为加拿大联邦最新的一个行政区则是6年以后的1999年4月1日。按理说, 这一天才应该是Nunavut Day。事实上也的确如此,在Nunavut Territory则成立后的2年时, 每年4月1 日作为Nunavut Day 假日,供人们庆祝。只是后来,人们意识到7月9日对因纽物来说更有意义,因为土地协议是在1993年7月9日正式被议会通过生效,成为加拿大联邦法律的。此后成立的Nunavut Territory政府,也是这部法律实施的结果之一。 该法(Nunavut Land Claim Agreement)共282页,在世界范围内为不少国家在解决政府与其原住民在土地上的纠纷提供一个非常有益的参考,因此在法律届为人推崇。 但这似乎与个人关系不大,但对于个人,该法的直接后果就是,使本狼有机会来北极以圆儿时之梦,亲身体会极地因纽特生活,只是当年因纽物人自尊心还没有膨胀到现在的程度,名称还是爱基斯摩。因为根据该法,不但产生了Nunavut Territory政府,也产生也三个职能实体,在英语中Institutional Public Government,至今我还不知道如何准确地翻译成中文。我现在供职的Nunavut Impact Review Board(NIRB) 即是其中之一,既无上司机关,又无下属机构,就凭一部法律产生了。花费还得由联邦政府预算支出的。 提起Nunavut Day,就不得不提一下Nunavut的概况,面积1.9 million km²,差不多是加拿大全国的1/5,人口不到3万人(2006年人口统计),近84%的居民为因纽特人,剩下的则是First Nation, Metis及非本地外来者,老狼就是占15%的非本地外来者中的一员,Nunavut 第三城市Cambridge Bay的唯一华人。 今天的Nunavut Day活动中,NIRB是活动的主办单位之一。节日活动不少,Free BBQ热狗, Bannock making Contest,棒球等等。作为活动之一的Face … Continue reading

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the Nature of the wildness

In past weekend, as the weather got as warmer as over 15 degree, i just out of city had a ride to seek new birds and flowers, suprisely the water fowls seemed all gone, numerous lakes where ful of geese and ducks became … Continue reading

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sunshine after 11:30 PM

Today  i was out to wash my mud-covered ATV, suddenly my attentions was attracted by the lights and reflections on the icy ocean.    

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