Jasper series 2: Lakes and Moutains

In Jasper National Park, in addition to the breathtaking Malign Canyon, numerous perlarious lakes, waterfalls and spectacular ice fields scatter among majestic mountains, vast snow-capped peaks and towering pine threes are reflected on tranquil lakes, their legendary beauty and pristine wildness attract visitors all around world. I was totally shocked by at first sight even though the sky was covered by grey cloud during my swift visit.

the following photos are taken from the most famous Lakes atractions in Jasper.

cloudy Pyramid Mountain


Malign Lake

 Maligne Lake

Medicine Lake

 Meadicine Lake

Bow Lake: down to Calgary via the town of Banff

 Bow Lake

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4 Responses to Jasper series 2: Lakes and Moutains

  1. charming says:

    Wow… what a beauty… Wolf..  now i really envy you…i am traveler in theory..trying to be in practice..recently i visited a water fall in my hometown.. very very beautiful and it is about 2 and half kms walk. it was really worth. and took some pics. lost the phone.. and as a result still my toe nails are black due to the shoes.  the lake pic reminds me of "Worlds End" in Sri Lanka.Waiting for more :)))Cha

  2. Kuskulana says:

    Jasper is a beautiful place and a favorite of mine from way back when.
    I have many a memory of travelling through that wonderful mountain country.
    Thank you for the great captures of this place!

  3. sweeti's says:

    this is nature at his best….i envy u  Wolfy…LOL
    yeah abt  the Once upon a time on planet earth   ..its wonderful.
    Tis afternoon at 2.46 my time we remembered 9/11 40  fotographers all over the world  took same time a pic.and write some words with it
    u will see Wolf when Ron Modro finished the compilation.  I will sed u the link then.
    Yes  Wolfy im concerned abt nature  and my feelings go to ppl who dont have the basic things oflife.
    we think everything is for granted,,,even clean water…
    just a lil  example
    God bless u
    and as always  Ur pics..show a lot of nature love
    Big smile

  4. alice says:

    Happy for you having a wonderul experience there and it is the place I hope I will visit soon! Someday, I know. Great photos.

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