Jasper series 3: Athabasca Falls


In the Jasper National Park, Sunwapta Falls  and  Athabasca Falls  are two most famous waterfalls, because  I didn’t have sufficient time to go to the both, so I had to chose  Athabasca Falls by following the advice from my another great friend Barb who has closed his MSN space, but still active on his Flickr. It was really a breathtaking sightseeing spot for any visitors.  its headwater comes from the Columbia Glacier about 70 kilometres south and heads toward north, the water thunders through a narrow gorge,  runs into Athabasca Lake, through Great Slave Lake  and Mackenize River  at the far north and finally spill into Arctic Ocean after a 6200km journey at the north edge of American Continent. As the weather was not cooperative when I was there, so I would like to go back Jasper and visit the both Falls when I have chance.  

Athabasca Falls


Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls

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7 Responses to Jasper series 3: Athabasca Falls

  1. charming says:

    Hi WoldHow fascinating..  In SL most of water falls create rainbows with the water vapors and sunlight.  Strangely i could see a face on your 3rd pic. very clear cut nose, mouth and a chin… why of course its a clear sculpture of a man.. do you see it?  on to the left.. opps .. i know i am a very crazy person..but i couldn’t help seeing it..ChaPS. I hope that you don’t think i am having some mental disturbance with imagining things. LOL

  2. Kuskulana says:

    These high energy waterway are such a thrill to me.
    You have captured the energy and life of these fall very well.
    I have missed Jasper Park and all it’s wonder for many years now.
    Perhaps one day I can meet you there, and Barb too, I would treasure that!

  3. Arctic says:

    Cha, your have, instead of… a very cute sense for illustration, now i found by my self, it is a very clear lower half face!
    Steve,thanks for your praise, i was shocked by its beauty at first sight. and i look forward the day we meet there and enjoy the breathtaking beauty!

  4. sweeti's says:

    When love starts   was indeed   a  serieus discussed  item   U dot want to know how much private mails i got   abt the subject..
    pro  and contra…but  i still believe   that  friendship  does not have to die  coz of a marriage
    ..bye now..and  BTW 
    ur  zoo  pics????    snoepies……
    lots of warm hugs  from rainy belgium

  5. ღ香香凡ღ says:


  6. Rambling says:

    Breath taking..truly and sincerely.

  7. Cheng says:

    hehe, i will include Banff into my next travelling plan~ =)

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