Wildlife in Canadian Rockies

It‘s been a while since back from Jasper & Banff trip during my vacation, however when I browse the photos of those wildlife I encountered, the every scene is still so vibrant. The only pitiful this is I didn’t  have any chances to see those elegant while majestic elks and moose, while this imperfect journey gives me more imagination and expectation for next trip.

The first unforgetable creature welcoming us was a white-tailed dee, he is strong and vigorous, and beautiful with shinning fur and vivid color in the woods, that gave me the first surprise when we were approaching the town of Jasper.


The second unforgettable species we met are still deer, but at the vicinity of Jasper, they were adapted to semi- urban environment so well that they didn’t show any panic when I approaching them to make a close up shot. I just totally indulged in the enjoyment of watching those fairylike creatures and forgot to leave for the remaining 300 km trip ahead.


The third animal I crossed into was bighorn sheep, they are usually down hill to roadside to get mineral from vegitation free tilt area, but what we met  on the way to Malign Lake were so fearlessly that they lipped our car like domestic goats. Becuase of the resemblance, they are always misidentified as mountain goats, it is more confusion especially when you spot some of them without bighorns. The judge is pretty simple, if they don’t have snow white in color, they are not mountain goats.  As only male bighorn sheep get the large curl horns where they get their name.


The fourth species jumped into my sight were black bears. They were a mom bear and a cub, the mom was so protective to her cub that she was huffing her hair at back of her neck with low horrific panting voice. at the same time, her baby back form roadside and intended to clime up a three, which gave me a good chance to caputre a very cool shot.  For safety purpose, my buddy was keeping moving our car with the front door open when I shot photos out of car, had she charged me, I would have had chance to jump into our car and close up the door. Luckily she did just threaten us to leave her baby. Did I recognise them as black bears just because their color is black, no definitely! As black bear might in other color and grizzly bears might in black. The most simple judging criteria is whether they have vivid shoulder hump, if they have do, they are  grizzly bears, otherwise, they are black bears even they might have other colors.



The fifth species I crossed into was Columbian Ground Squirrel in Johnston Canyon close to the town of Banff. It is a medium sized squirrel comparing to other squirrel family members, but looks like little bit plump but swift actually, really cute.

Picture 081

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17 Responses to Wildlife in Canadian Rockies

  1. alice says:

    Laoxiang, jieshidezhenhao. Thank you for sharing these great photos and the knowledge of the wild animals. Absolutely wonderful!

  2. charming says:

    oh.. Wolf.. Thanks a lot.. this is so so great…I was living in the scenery with you when you describe it..If I can once give a hug and a kiss to the bear cub.. Hope the mother would not chase me..I really can’t run fast.. LOLI love deers and squirrels too..A deer was the real reason for making me a vegetarian.About 15 years ago i watched a tv programme on a deer who caught up in a trap and struggling to save the life.I cried the whole night and solely came to a decision to be a vegetarian..Hope you will publish your book soon… and don’t forget a fan is waiting for it…Have a great…great.. weekendCha

  3. sweeti's says:

    these pics are fantastic  Wolf
    ur a fantastic  fotoghrapher…the lil bear  seems so huggable  yes???
    imagine   i would  ….and the mm  is miles away….would that lil one hurt me???
    i have no idea…
    coz i know  to have respect  for animals  …i never  hug  a big dog  before  asking  the owner  if he likes  it..lol
    bye now
    and tx  for sharing  such wonderful images..
    i wish u  a  wonderful  weekend..

  4. ღ香香凡ღ says:


  5. Natalia says:

    Ciaoo ! Grazie per aver accetato il mio invito tra gli amici e , grazie per aver apprezzato le immagini che ho inserito, finestre sul mondo:D!
    Anche tu hai fatto un bel lavoro sul tuo space complimenti! A presto e Buon Lavoro ! 😀 ciaoooooooo

  6. sweeti's says:

    Oke  Wolf   I stay away  from that black baby bear,but as u know
    i can run fast  i played  football  and  i was  in the middle  so run  for defend  and attack lol
    bye now

  7. Cindy says:

    These are all great pictures, but the one of the mother black bear is really special.  She donsn’t look happy at all.  They click their teetha nd the little ones know it’s time to run for safety.  Thanks for sharing these.

  8. Qina Isabella says:


  9. Rosebay says:

    OM Gosh your pictures are fantastic!! The landscape is beautiful. SInce I am from the "other side" of the world I have not seen such things in real life. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of beauty here in the flat lands but I can’t do it justice. The waterfall that was 3 shots, wonderful. Glad I stumbled in here. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Rambling says:

    I LOVE these pictures.  I saw your Space name in my updates as several of my Friends added you to their Friends list.  Glad I stopped by.

  11. Rambling says:

    I LOVE these pictures.  I saw your Space name in my updates as several of my Friends added you to their Friends list.  Glad I stopped by.

  12. ღ香香凡ღ says:


  13. Barbara says:


  14. Here I Am says:

    So lucky in your travels to see such beautiful animals.  Thanks for sharing

  15. PJ says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing all these wonderful photos.  I especially love the one of the bear cub about to climb the tree.

  16. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa says:

    Wow Excellent Photography. I love your work. Have seen you over at Barbs on Flickr. 
    I will sent you an invite there and hope that you except.  Very nice work.

  17. Y says:

    Amazing!! more than amazing!!

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