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A bite of Inuit Tradition

In last week, there was a feast in the Community Hall to welcome a couple of elders from other communities, a big feast composing of country food highlighted by fresh caribou meat and Whale blubber (mantak) was offered to public, … Continue reading

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In last week, a big snow blanketed the wild tundra, which gave wildlife what they should have when they had turned their fur into winter colors. Arctic Hare has completely taken off their grey summer clothes, except a black spot … Continue reading

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My another first time.

Today I casted my vote at poll station, my first time in Canada, some of you might ask, what was my criterion to decide to vote?Quitely confusion it was actually. Emotionally I am pro Liberal’s election platform, further that, Liberals has deeply rooted … Continue reading

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back with empty hands

Yesterday i was out with a Inuit friend for carioub huntng after informed that caribou herds have been closer to town, but we droved ATV on rugged tundra a few hours around Kitag lake area without seeing any of them, but a  muskox herd with … Continue reading

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The “cheater” is cheated

By Darwin’s theory, due to natural selection mechanism in species evolution, each species developed unique technique to survicve from fierce competition. Some survive by the strength, some by speed, most of survive by camouflage strategies to fool their predator in daily … Continue reading

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