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Caribou Hunting

Caribou is essential for Inuit and integral parts of Inuit culture.  For Inuit live in subarctic regions, caribous are available year round, as the same hunting areas can be occupied by different caribou herds in different time of year. But for those … Continue reading

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A new era is just around corner in US history

Based on the newest 2008 presidential campaign vote counting result, even count all swinging states into Mac’s Territory, it is still only 259 votes, that  is saying Obama is just steps away from White House in few hours!   African … Continue reading

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Some facts about Arctic Inuit.

I am so pleased that lots my friends are interested to Inuit and curious to arctic, therefore I would like to add some supplemental facts related to Inuit and some of my own observations. 1. Do they feel insulted to call … Continue reading

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