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Chinese Lunar New Year

Today the time comes into the year of the OX or Bull based on the Chinese zodiac, regardless the one of  deepest bear markets in decades and fears of imminent economy recession,  all  Chinese around the world are still cheered … Continue reading

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remainings of Maya civization

Bone chilling winter in Canada drives people down south to Latin American in holiday seasons,   seeking a sweating destination is not difficult at all, from turquoise Caribbean coast to sky blue pacific coast, stretching from Mexico Gulf down to Panama, clustered … Continue reading

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from caribou’s country to Caribbean

Before the new year, i came back to Toronto from arctic with expectation to enjoy warmer weather, while the chilling and blowing days didn’t give me chances to enjoy it, on the contrary i started to feel cold and chilling after first week, which i had not … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Dear my space friends, Happy New Year! In the past year 2008, we were knitted by windows space and got know each other from every corner of world. Also in space world, we share our feelings, enjoy variety of natural … Continue reading

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