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就在全球华人还未从涂博士自杀的消息中恢复过来之际,又被随之而来的浙大补告大大的娱乐了一把。震惊,酸楚,愤怒。。。今天又有消息:湖南大学一海归博士跳湘江自杀! 国内博士自杀的消息络绎不绝,似乎与海外关系不大。但涂博士的死无疑对那些蠢蠢欲动,如我辈者当头一棒,归还是不归?于是有人便用慎密的逻辑学绘制了一幅自我评估图,不禁令人拍案。本人对前半部分颇以为然,风险评估,自然来不得半点马虎。但按图索骥到“肾虚”之际,又为该图绘制者的过于乐观而哑然失笑。 以前海归的风光,早已不再。如今的海归,不小心就成了海龟,甚至海带。为了不当海带,除才高八斗者之外,大多为谋一职而屈尊,谋得粥碗熬成婆婆之前,除了涂博士等宁为玉碎也不为瓦全一类之外,大多数还得有海量当龟孙。就算涂博士不走极端,像他这样的人才,按浙大的说法,仅有2000的月入,在繁华的沪杭,糊口尚且艰难,何来精力去虚肾? (图表来自文学城) Advertisements

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The ptarmigan is a  bird found year round in arctic along the ravens.  It is about the size of a small chicken with short legs and small wings. there are two sub species in arctic – the rock ptarmigan and … Continue reading

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Thanks given to God

The caribou is one of the Canada’s most treasured wildlife species in terms of their biological and cultural importance to Inuit and other aboriginals in far north. They mean everything  from nutrients to clothing even today! their annual migration is not as  spectacular as … Continue reading

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Chinese Lantern in Montreal’s Botanical Garden

on the past Chinese National Day, when thousands of millions Chinese were celebrating the 60 Anniversary of new China, a splendid Chinese lantern festival was hosted by Montreal Botanical Garden in Chinese garden, after a  couple hours walk in windy … Continue reading

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fall color in Yellowknife

Yellowknife is one of the highest provincial capital cities in Canada North in terms of latitudes, and serves as the gateway to access Canada’s enormous arctic and subarctic regions, therefore it is the city i travel or pass by most. … Continue reading

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