Thanks given to God

The caribou is one of the Canada’s most treasured wildlife species in terms of their biological and cultural importance to Inuit and other aboriginals in far north. They mean everything  from nutrients to clothing even today! their annual migration is not as  spectacular as the wild beasts do in African, but it definitely an amazing phenomenon on frozen tundra. Recently the caribou herds have come to coast  area of Coronation Gulf from northern Victoria Island, to wait for freezing up of the ocean which works as a bridge for caribou to cross to mainland for wintering, this short stay at coastal areas provides local Inuit precious opportunity to harvest for their substantive needs in coming long winter. 

i have made commitment early in the year to give up all hunting activities, therefore in this migrating season, i shoot them only by my camera rather than raffle as i did in past,   wildlife hunting is the way of the life here, but it make me feel guilty.Thanks God for giving me a relatively mild weekend (-15 C) which enabled me to get out by ATV and shoot some photos for those beautiful creatures.



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11 Responses to Thanks given to God

  1. . says:

    good morning wolf, great set of photos & I’m so pleased you only shoot with the camera now!wonderful animals they look… my fav has to be the 5th one in sunset/sunrise… lovely.keep up with the wonderful photos, also love the chinese ones, what beautiful colors.

  2. Tatyana says:

    agree with Summer, amazing shots:) love the clarity of the light – you feel you can touch the animals, as if they are just one inch away. One of the reasons I seldom post anything (my shots) – some people here are too good (to try doing the same:))

  3. kefeng says:


  4. Jasper says:

    纯洁 没有被污染的地方 动物自由自在 更加坚定了我一定要去的信念

  5. 萃Sophie says:


  6. Arctic says:

    thanks all of your for your nice comments, like Sophie said, should i try it ??

  7. Ying says:

    Shake hands

  8. Here I Am says:

    absolutely stunning all of them. These really are such majestic animals. Thanks for sharing these amazing animals and your beautibul capture of them. Hugs Carrie

  9. Ying says:

    谢谢你的文字和图片,很美.遗憾自己在北极六年,却没留下些什么.环顾四周,只有临别时,同事送的一套DRUM DANCE的玻璃杯.

  10. .«ღ»♥Izakalli Cihuatl♥«ღ» says:

    Hello, good night..Your space is beautiful……Have a great day tomorrow…..Greetings.!Izakalli=Marcela Urizar.

  11. Lewis says:

    The 5th one down is mind boggling, it is superb. Do you post to Flickr? I would love to have acopy of that shot, really superb. I too quit shooting witha gun years ago and now use a camera, no guilt just glory now!

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