The Worst Blizzard in Decade

Arctic is a magic place on the earth, the most well known  phenomena is the 24 hours sunlight in summer and 24 hours darkness in winter, the later is called polar night. Actually, there are more interesting but less known facts, such as, the sun rises in south and set in the south twice a year, and so does in the north once a year.   When people enjoy 24 hours sunlight, they have to suffer some of the  most severe weather events on the planet, one of them is the blizzard.

A blizzard is a extreme weather condition characterized by strong winds and very poor visibility, it usually occurs in early winter and spring. On Wikipedia, it is said a blizzard also featured by heavy snow falls and extremely low temperature, but that is not true. In a   blizzard the temperature is not as low as  it is in a clear days, and snow falls are not that heavy comparing to ordinary winter days, however due to the strong wind, it  usually fees very cold contributed by wind chill not by temperature itself. Because of the strong winds, ground snow as well as falling snow is stirred in the air and flies in all directions that reduce visibility severely to few meters only. As such, the whole world seems emerged together, and that comes another word” whiteout”, which claimed many lives when people got lost even a few hundred meter away from their homes. Due to the severe weather condition during a blizzard, business and government offices usually close.

The latest blizzard in Cambridge Bay started in the Moring of last Friday (Nov.19) and will cease in the midnight of today. By my roommate Mike’s knowledge, it is the longest and the worst blizzard since he moved into arctic 10 years ago. As one of the results, power system failed a few times last night, and we run out tap water today, and can’t use wash room.

The follow photos took from the same spot from my window will tell a true arctic in a blizzard.


During blizzard(day time)During the blizzard(daytime)

blizzard(night) During the blizzard(nighttime)

After blizzard After the blizzard ceased

SundogA sun dog in a sunny day (Temperature=-45C)

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34 Responses to The Worst Blizzard in Decade

  1. Y says:


  2. Y says:


  3. arcticwl says:


    • Y says:


      • arcticwl says:


  4. Y says:


  5. A five day blizzard, so hard to phathom. I can’t imagine how many feet fell. A terrible time for you folks.

  6. arcticwl says:

    it was terrible, some my local friend told me, it is the worst blizzard in more than 20 years. but we all survived except a one young fellow in another community.

  7. Carrie says:

    Ok I won’t complain about our cold temps now. Must sometimes be exciting though. The best part of a storm is when the sky’s clear again. It can be so beautiful outside. Must have been a lot of snow blown around. Well try and stay warm. Hugs Carrie

    • arcticwl says:

      I guess i will not complain any weather condition anymore either once i leave arctic some day. snow drift almost buried the town, the clear days were so chilly but at least not that terrible.
      Thanks Carrie,

  8. dengaiwu says:


    • arcticwl says:


  9. Yan says:

    我说怎么一直没见到你的更新呢,原来是没有subcribe你,瞧我糊涂的~~我好喜欢你这样的生活,跟大自然特别的亲近,希望以后我也可以幸运见见北极光~~还有,刚才看到你上面的留言,你有两个女儿啊,好幸福啊!!真是个Cool and knowledgeable Daddy,女儿的福气呀!

    • arcticwl says:


  10. chicasl10 says:

    and i was talking abt our snow and cold wind…my God Wolfy this is not my kind of weather How can u live in minus 45/…?
    and getting lost 100 meter from ur house. gosh Wolfy such a hard life.
    awesome fotoos btw..

    • arcticwl says:

      That is why i called myself Wolf:), Actually -45 is not very cold weather here, if i said i have experienced -68(including wind chill of course), i hope your jaws does not fall off, hehehe.
      keep warm MJ.

  11. jennyozzy says:

    that looks so cold and scarey arctic we are having a bad snowfall here and we are such sheep lol nothing like your weather our country at a standstill with just a foot of snow hope you have a great week xxjen

  12. chicasl10 says:

    Im ashamed abt the fact im worrying abt a bit of snow..knowing u face minus 40
    i cant imagine how u can keep on handling this kind of weather.
    i do hope u have good times now. U have holidays??
    well im relaxing now……..
    warm inside the house.
    TC Wolfy and enjoy

  13. jennyozzy says:

    have a lovely xmas arc tic xxjen

  14. jennyozzy says:

    have a great new year arctic xxjen

  15. Yan says:


  16. chicasl10 says:

    im happy to have u as friend also Wolfy
    i hope u had a warm new year to start with
    tc and i will write a new entry soon..
    bit busy these days

    • arcticwl says:

      every one is busier in holiday season MJ, how is the weather now, i know the wost snow storm in Europe in past days, i hope it did not cause too much inconvenience to you.

      wish you a happy start in 2011, and looking forward to your new entry.


  17. jennyozzy says:


    • arcticwl says:

      Jen, as usual keep busy in holiday. a heatwave? what a exciting new for pple in Britain suffering from severe winter. i guess you have got used to heavy snow in this winter.
      Keep warm and enjoy forthcoming heatwave.


  18. Carrie says:

    Happy New Year Wolf, Well it has been a winter wonderland at my place. We just had a big dump and now have almost 3 feet of snow. But am almost packed up and closing house and heading south to the Salton Sea for the remainder of the winter. Hope you days are getting longer soon. Hugs Carrie

    • arcticwl says:

      Happy New Year to you too Carrie, glad to hear that you are heading south for the rest of winter, the sun has back to horizon, and wish you have a relaxed holiday trip in down south.

  19. jennyozzy says:

    hello arctic how are you hows your year started soon be spring i cant wait my coastal town is calling me have a fun week xxjen

    • arcticwl says:

      Jenny, i am jealous that spring will come soon in Britain, here i start my new year in dark and chilling winter though the polar night was over last week.
      have a joyous new week.

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