The Natural Beauty out of Las Vegas

Las Vegas entitles itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World that is true as it is a man made metro city in wild southwest desert with spectacular night and diversified architecture styles.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can appreciate some most naturally beautiful scenes in US in day time while without missing Las Vegas strip lit by all of neon.
The most famous tourism attraction close to Las Vegas is the Grant Canyon. If time is not an issue, none of the West Rim and the South Rim, two hot spots in Grand Canyon should not be missed, even though in some people’s views, the West Rim isn’t real the Grand Canyon, rather a cash cow for tour companies and the local Native Americans, while the South Rim is where breathtaking scenery got well familiar with by the world through magic photography on National Geography. Nevertheless, hundred thousands of tourists are still attracted by the West Rim each year since the Skywalk is built in 2007. My South Rim visit was a 16 hours road trip, but the real time my feet on the edges of the Grand Canon was is merely 3 hours, rest of time was spent on motor coach reviewing wild west desert. Ideally, I would have driven by myself and overnight in Grand Canyon, which would allow me for a across canyon hiking. But every thing comes with its price, the efficiency for having it within single day compromised joy and appraisal of the magic geophysical beauty on where can compete.

Grand CanyonMather Point, South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand CanyonEagle Point,South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park

There are also some natural attractions much closer to the city. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire state park are two most accessible sightseeing destinations where natural scenery is truly breathtaking. After talking to Hotel staff, I was recommended to visit the latter one, given that I have reviewed a “Grand” canyon. As a result, I spent a whole day in Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest state park, located only 90 km northeast of Las Vegas. It is far less well known, but it is called one of a few photographers paradise in Nevada. The whole park is full of rich, vibrant colors of eroded sandstone and sand dunes that dotted desert. Entering it, I felt I was step on an alien planet when in sight of those sandstone with a variety of colors and shapes. Not surprisingly many movies shot their outside senses partially or totally in the park. The most famous one may be Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Star Trek Generations.

Road toward Ellephant rockValley of Fire Nevada State Park

Valley of Fire-Nevada state park (10)Valley of Fire-Nevada State Park

Valley of Fire-Nevada state park (8)Valley of Fire-Nevada State Park

Valley of Fire-Nevada state park (5)Valley of Fire-Nevada State Park

Valley of Fire-Nevada state park (2) Fire-Nevada State Park

Elephant rockValley of Fire-Nevada State Park

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2 Responses to The Natural Beauty out of Las Vegas

  1. chicasl10 says:

    Las Vegas is gamble…lights…drinks…
    but nature is just around the corner. And Wolfy the last foto is my fav.
    u have memories No one can take these away from u
    enjoy the weekend.

  2. arcticwl says:

    MJ, You are right, it is place combing natural beauty and man made miracle in southwest desert of Arizona.
    hope you had a good warm weekend too.

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