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Bullocks, Yellowknife NWT

地西北特区首府黄刀(Yellowknife,NWT),有一个叫Bullocks的饭馆,地方不大,但四季火爆,要去不提前预约不可能有位子。 这个饭馆的特殊之处在于,它不仅有美味的北部原住民的地道的鱼类佳肴,还在于这儿见证来自全球旅游者到黄刀看北极光留下的涂鸦之作,和贴在屋顶上的种作为“到此一游”见证的各国货币。其中最让我吃惊的是津巴布韦的面值 10,000,000(一千万) 纸币,其市值相当于一加元, 由此可见,在这个饱受西方制裁的南部非洲国家,通货膨胀率是何等可怕。我最近的一次光顾是在二月中旬, 同事吃完晚饭出门,运气不错就看到了一抺碧绿的北极光,形如展翅翱翔的雄鹰。 饭馆内墙壁上的干鱼标本,把鱼做成装饰在加拿大西部及北方很常见 面值一千万的津巴布韦的货币 颇有大明遗风的韩国货币 如翱翔雄鹰般的北极光 Advertisements

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Newfoundland is the place where the New World begins, as it was the first place on North American where Vikings and colonists landed. Actually I got to know Newfoundland in text-book when I was even in middle school back in … Continue reading

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2011 Summer

Some photos took in this summer. A Horned Grebe during a hike in Yellowknife (June 4), NWT. A grey Jay on the peak of Sulphur Mountain in Banff (June 9), AB. A Merganser in Bow River within Banff (June 9), … Continue reading

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Holiday Season in Toronto

The past New Year holiday was a quiet one for me  during which i just stayed in Toronto with my family except a few visits  to nearby towns, which gave me plenty of time to enjoy spectacular holiday season ignored … Continue reading

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Badlands are Great Treasure

Badland is, as its name shows, a type of terrain which is bad to traditional land use, such as agriculture and travel in old days due to its irregular terrain form,  resulted from extensive erosion by surface runoff and wind … Continue reading

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Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone National Park has been my dream since i knew it when I was a junior school student, and this dream came true in this past summer. It was only a two and half day’s trip which i hope … Continue reading

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Lakes in Rockies

The Rocky Mountain system stretches from Alaska in arctic all the way down to  Mexican border,  in which the most spectacular portion is located in  British Columbia and Alberta of Canada, and Montana State in US. Among those rugged ranges … Continue reading

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Is This Arctic?

Some will doubt when these pictures catch up their eye balls, is this Arctic? no way! But it is true, it is gorgeous arctic summer season. This entry will give you a glimpse via a short tour about landscape, flora … Continue reading

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Blossom Toronto

When i came back Toronto Last week, i was surprised that the spring had been in full swing,  only few days, whole city is turning into a sea of flowers now. i feel surprised just because i missed last two … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights

Having been busy with other mission, and didn’t come to space for quite a long time, here i post a few northern lights shots as a catch up. The wonders of the aurora borealis or the northern lights in the … Continue reading

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Disney World

Having come back to my work along with the end of holiday season, my life turns back to routine, which consist of two points (home and office) connected by one line ( a roughly 8 minutes walk distance), but my … Continue reading

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Long term concern and short term contingency

Looking back this January, when most people were immersed in cheerful New Year atmosphere for the commencement of the second decade in new millennium, the whole world was suddenly turned upside down and shocked by the catastrophic earthquake in Hattie. … Continue reading

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