Badlands are Great Treasure

Badland is, as its name shows, a type of terrain which is bad to traditional land use, such as agriculture and travel in old days due to its irregular terrain form,  resulted from extensive erosion by surface runoff and wind over long period of time, as such, it might display as canyons, ravines, gullies, hoodoos and other geological forms  or combination.

A badland is bad to traditional land use, it also means a striking topography might wait for your exploration. Some of badlands gained notoriety as a hideout for outlaws due to lack of easy access in early days in Canada. As you can imagine, when topsoil and overburden are eroded away, base sedimentary layers usually are in direct exposure to outside, which contributed to earlier discovery of coal mines, and more recent finding of the Dinosaur fossils beds in Alberta, the site of dinosaur fossil has been protected by establishment the Provincial Dinosaur Provincial Park, and  recognized as a  UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When I visited the Dinosaur Provincial Park, i was totally thrilled by the exotic scenery, in particular spectacular colors and stunning land forms displayed in the badland, surrounding by distinct flat and familiar farmland on vast prairie.

IMG_4994An overview of the badland

IMG_4972A mound within the badland

IMG_4973 Exotic colors

IMG_4998 Unique rock formation

Rapeseed field in AlbertaRapeseed field on Prairie outside of the badland

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Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone National Park has been my dream since i knew it when I was a junior school student, and this dream came true in this past summer. It was only a two and half day’s trip which i hope i could have spent a few more days, but too many places on my itinerary. My trip in Yellow stone started at 7 am from Livingstone, located approximate 80km away from the northwest entrance of the Yellowstone, I was hopping i could overnight a bit closer to the park,  but after a few days driving in five parks in Rocky Mountains,  I was kind of exhausted already,  when  finished this straight 10 hrs rush from Calgary, i could hardly keep my eyes open .

Two and a half day for a single park is not short, but it surely is for Yellowstone, the park is so large that I only stopped at major attractions and lookout points, plus two trials within 2 hours each. In order to catch more wildlife shots, I started my day in early morning every day and back to camp site close to dark with my meals while driving.

The major impression left by this journey is that the whole park sits on an active volcano. Hot springs, geysers, pools of boiling water and bubbling mud pools dot majority of park, which consist of all the Yellowstone is about. Except roaming buffalo herds and blocks of elks, the chances to meet other species are much less than in the Rocky Parks in Canada, whenever bears were spotted, everyone would pull over their vehicles and animals therefore keep a far distance, they were too far away to be shot into a decent photo.

The peaks are not as sky-scraping as those in Rocky Mountains in Canada, the Yellowstone Lake, the only large lake in the park is not as turquoise as those in Rockies either, but various geothermal features along with seemingly endless forest, and spectacular Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River constitute the uniqueness and distinctive of the Yellowstone attracting tours around world in more than two hundred years.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs, the gorgeous colors are resulted from the microorganism rather than minerals as most believed

Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces
Hot Spring Terrace at Mammoth

Norris Geyser Basin-Steam vent Norris Geyser Basin-Steam vent

Old Faithful-during eruption Well known Old Faithful-during Eruption

Fountain GeyserFountain Geyser

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Yellowstone Water FallsYellowstone Water Fall

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (2)Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Baffalo in Lamar Valley Roaming buffalo Herd

Elks in Mammoth Hot Spring area Elks in Mammoth Hot Spring Area

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Mountains in Rockies

This is my first post in this new blogger home ! and let me start from continuing my previous post-Rockies series: Mountains in Rockies.

When those mountains took away my breath in my first sight two years ago, i told myself “I have to come whenever it is possible”. In this summer i fulfilled my words. In the contrary to my  passion and excitement,  weather was reluctant to give me a sunny welcome, so i spent a rainy and overcast first day in Rockies.  Well,  i couldn’t complain much as it was perfect chance to enjoy mountains in clouds. Comparing to the clean images in sunshine ,those peaks and ridges emerged from clouds seems more mighty mysterious.Luckily, bad weather didn’t last too long,  when i drove around, Rockies did give me a few  shinning days.

Mount Fryatt on Hwy 93

Mount Fryatt on Hwy 93 in the  Jasper National Park


Logan Pass, the end of  Going -to-the  Sun Road in the Glacial National Park


All in one-Rock peak, Alpine glacial and  water falls, the Glacial National Park

IMG_3972Towering peaks in the Banff National Park,

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Lakes in Rockies

The Rocky Mountain system stretches from Alaska in arctic all the way down to  Mexican border,  in which the most spectacular portion is located in  British Columbia and Alberta of Canada, and Montana State in US. Among those rugged ranges and towering peaks capped by snow year round, mountain lakes dot in various landscape with fabulous colors and get most familiar by tourists due to easy access. The six mostly visited mountain National Parks in Rockies are Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Kootenay National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park and Yoho National Park in Canada, and Glacial National Park in US, of which Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacial National Park in US are actually one integrated ecosystem but is cut by a invisible US-Canada border. Here are some of jewels clustered in those Parks:

Edith Lak in Jasper
Edith Lake in Jasper

Pyramid Lake in Jasper
Pyramid Lake in Jasper

Lake Louise
Lake Louise in Banff

Bow Lake in Banff
Bow Lake in Banff

Bow Lake in Banff
Hector Lake in Banff

Middle Waterton Lake

Middle Waterton Lake in Waterton National Park

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Is This Arctic?

Some will doubt when these pictures catch up their eye balls, is this Arctic? no way!

But it is true, it is gorgeous arctic summer season. This entry will give you a glimpse via a short tour about landscape, flora and fauna here on Victoria Island, west arctic.  

Wish you all have a wonderful long weekend!


Melting lakes at Cambridge Bay
Melting lakes on tundra.  Taken on June 21

Lake shore in early summer
Melting lake. Take on June 25

Rainbowns and midnight sunlight
Midnight sunlight with double rainbows, the ocean is free of ice. Taken on July 17.


Territorial Flower: Purple Saxifrage
Purple Saxifrage. Taken on June 29.

Oxytropis arctobia

Oxytropis arctobia. Taken on July 5

northern sweetvetch
Northern sweet vetch. Taken on July 18.


Musk oxen
Toughness – Musk oxen.Taken on June 29

Arctic Foxes
Cuteness-new born arctic fox cubs. Taken on July 1.

king eiders
Gay?-two male King eiders. Taken on June 19.

Arctic Tern
Elegance-Arctic Turn,  the only species goes pole-to-pole annually. Taken on July 20.

Peregrine Falcon
Speed-Peregrine Falcon, the top ranked raptor in Arctic. Taken on July 25

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一切皆因我的饭碗与这扇新打开的 “学历门”中的野鸡大学(Pacific Western University )的现名California Miramar University有些巧合。因为我目前负责理的金矿的前业名字就叫Miramar mining Ltd。说完这个渊源,现在再来看看现状。Miramar mining Ltd 在去年被全球第四大金(矿)主收购,脱胎换骨;California Miramar University 也在去年得到了美国政府的承认,成为良家。但野鸡文凭的野黑幕才刚刚被方舟子的利剑挑開一角。




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Blossom Toronto

When i came back Toronto Last week, i was surprised that the spring had been in full swing,  only few days, whole city is turning into a sea of flowers now. i feel surprised just because i missed last two springs, blossom comes every April, maybe this year it is little big earlier.anyway it is time to get out to enjoy.
Picture 441
Picture 358
Spring blossom
Picture 1027
Picture 949
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Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights

Having been busy with other mission, and didn’t come to space for quite a long time, here i post a few northern lights shots as a catch up.

The wonders of the aurora borealis or the northern lights in the far north always attract tourists around the world. Those luminous lights with continuous changing colors and shapes would leave any viewer a very spiritual feeling and a sense of amazement.  Local Inuit says, if you speak to a northern light, it would dance for you.  but arctic is already  beyond of a best observation zone, to enjoy the magic phenomena,  comparing to other lower latitudes area, such as, Yellowknife which can enjoy year round with the best view time in fall and spring. Here in on Victoria Island, spring and fall are extremely cold and very short as well, the chilling winter is prohibitive for any one staying outside, of course long daylight hours from April to August, make occurrence of northern light impossible. It is possible to cross into it in other months, but the best time for viewing northern lights is limited in October and March. Even in those month, northern light occurs only when all conditions perfectly match up in clear nights, and the last time varies from a few munities to hours, for one could be caught in camera, the chances are far lesser.   There was one night,   a glorious green northern light in south sky, but unfortunately i didn’t get it. Also few other times, when rushed out town, they already fade away. Finally this week got a few shots marginally acceptable.
Much appreciation for my friend Kuskulana Steve, i learned lots from him for trouble shooting for my last failure using a new lens. He is always there i could rely on when weird stuff pups up.




Northern Light
Northern Light

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Disney World

Having come back to my work along with the end of holiday season, my life turns back to routine, which consist of two points (home and office) connected by one line
( a roughly 8 minutes walk distance), but my winter break just starts, at least i could review and look at the pictures took in holiday. Needlessly to say how busy the holiday was for me and other as well, the Orlando trip turned out the one of highlights  in busy holiday course, here are some of  shots from Disney World in Christmas season, as the days during our stay were so cloudy, the colorful lights in my shots  well concealed the ugly gray skies. But kids were so happy regardless the weather, as Disney World has been their dreams for long time, they were so excited that their dream land suddenly came into true. What could I complain? Their thrills far more weighed than sunny weather for me than anything else. i was wondering it might be purposely arranged in this way, as whether in FL was so kindly and considerate to treated me pretty gently so that i would not be melted when jumped from latitude 70 degree to 28 degree in scorching temperature.


The Iconic Cinderella Castle of  Magic Kingdom in daytime


Cinderella Castle in Christmas Eve

Fireworks in night


The Sorcerer’s Hat, the icon of Disney Hollywood Studios


Spaceship Earth in Epcot


NASA Rocks in Kennedy Space Center

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Long term concern and short term contingency

Looking back this January, when most people were immersed in cheerful New Year atmosphere for the commencement of the second decade in new millennium, the whole world was suddenly turned upside down and shocked by the catastrophic earthquake in Hattie. Our calendars are always filled with various disasters, both natural and man-made  year round, but not many have claimed so many lives.

If looking into bit further, disasters occur everywhere on this planet, but  the most destructive with high death toll occurred in underdeveloped nations where people have suffered with poverty, endless civil wars and corruptive governments. There is no doubt this could be attributed to many factors, but one of which, and the most dominating factor is the level of preparedness.

The best example is Tokyo earth quake happened in last centenary. The earthquake devastated Tokyo in 1923 with a magnitude of 8.3 on the Richter scale, caused a casualty estimate of 100k to 142k; On the contrary, the magnitude of Hattie is 7.0, it turned the
country’s capital into a huge wreckage, and has already claimed 150k lives in the capital, not to mention other impacted areas. This number could rise to 300k as per the newest estimate of the Haitian government. When survivors of this disaster desperately need helps, and most of nations are ready to send their humanitarian aids, one of two operational airports in the country, Port-au-Prince international airport has only one runway available to handle incremental traffic! While the port facilities has been totally devastated, international donations are pouring into Haiti, how can those survivors get the
basic need and medical treatment?

I am pondering  what  UN has achieved in past decade except peace keeping.

We face big challenge of global warming in the long run, and various natural disasters in  short terms. Natural disasters are very hard to predict, but the losses including human lives can be mitigated by preparedness of national contingency plans, of which, the most important might be the establishment adequate infrastructure required by emergency and contingency plans. It never be an easy task in under developed nations, such as Haiti. However, as showed in Haiti, UN could play a significant role to prevent such kinds of catastrophes by relocating resources to the most needed regions and nations, prevention is always more useful than emergency reaction, even thought the later is more visible and necessary.

Let’s pray for Haiti.

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Approaching Polar Night

Time flies, it has been in dark, cloudy and chilly winter for some time, on yesterday TV program, Cambridge Bay was displayed unexpectedly on the national forecast map due to its highest rank: the lowest temperature -24C in Canada. Actually the temperature here has hung around -25 some time, plus chilling factor, feeling temperature was usually around -40C, and along
with dropping mercury,  daytime hours is vanishing at a rate which southerner hardly imagine. Daytime is 5 hrs today, but it will disappear in exactly one month. Having been stranded in this kind of weather  for a while, I started missing sunny Prairie, its colors, no matter natural or artificial, at least they can light up my space.

A Sunset scene in  Calgary

A bar at the Airport where i alway kill my time when i connecting my flights in Calgary
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